Automated Beverage System

Introducing ABS 2.0

  • Improved Reliability
  • Better Information, Better Service
  • More Ice, Cups, and Drinks

Watch the ABS 2.0 Profit Generation Video

Watch the ABS 2.0 Profit Generation Video

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Why ABS 2.0?


  • Enhanced pick and place
  • Improved conveyor system
  • More robust sink material


  • Clear cup capability
  • Customize unit for market
  • Program cleaning schedule


  • 53% added ice capacity
  • Extra cup sleeve (6 vs. 5)
  • More drink staging (6 vs. 4)


  • Dual 7″ touchscreens
  • Improved order accuracy
  • NP6 Sp9 compatible
  • Support orders from drive thru and lobby

Ease of

  • Step-by-step cleaning instructions on screen
  • Integrated cleaning tool eases sanitizing and enhances reliability and drink quality


  • Fits in the same footprint as the Legacy ABS (1.0)
  • Uses existing beverage system infrastructure (Chiller, Recirc, and/or BRP)

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What are customers saying?

David Bear David Bear Bear Family Restaurants Elgin, IL
ABS 2.0 is a HUGE improvement over the original ABS with better reliability and more capacity for ice and cups. My crew and managers love the digital screens and overall ease of use, including the new cleaning feature. With our heightened focus on speed of service and OEPE, the improved reliability and additional capacity allows our drive-thru team to be ready before the cars arrive at the present window.  Cornelius has listened to what Owners have to say about the original and made substantial improvements which will position us well for the future.
Jerry Abdelnour Jerry Abdelnour J&J Service, Inc. Cohoes, NY
After installing and monitoring the new Cornelius ABS 2.0 in multiple locations over the last several months we can honestly say it is light years ahead of the original ABS. The upgrades that have been developed on the 2.0 such as the increased ice capacity, cup staging and enclosed turret assembly only begin to demonstrate the increased capabilities of the unit. In my opinion the best upgrades on the 2.0 are non-visual, such as the relocated grabber arm assembly. By moving critical components above and behind the splash panel, Cornelius has drastically reduced service calls due to fluid ingress. Overall, we are very impressed not only with how the 2.0 has performed but with how few service calls we have had. This directly translates to less down time and higher profitability for owners.