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What are Customers Saying?

Roya has been a great person to work with. She really made the loan process seamless and easy. She is a very pleasant person to talk to and able to answer all my questions to my satisfaction. If I get an opportunity to work with Balboa, I would like to work with Roya. One thing I like about is that you accept credit cards for the monthly dues.

Ramesh Tataka – Owner/Operator, Annandale, VA

The ABS 2.0 is more crew friendly than ever. No more multiple cup dispensing. Easy maintenance procedures. And a user interface and setup that has let drive-through run smoother than ever. My only issue is… now all my other stores want one!

Andrew Chang – Owner/Operator, Gardena, CA

Going from our old ABS 1.0 to this new ABS 2.0 has been night and day. I loved how easy it was to set up and calibrate. My crew instantly took to the new dual interface and loved how it made our store-wide operations more efficient by entering front counter orders manually into the queue. Calibrating ice only takes a few minutes and re-stocking cups is made easy with the new automatically opening door. ABS 2.0 has really made life easier for our crew, and myself!

Johnny Funkhouser – Supervisor, Chicago, IL

After installing and monitoring the new Cornelius ABS 2.0 in multiple locations over the last several months we can honestly say it is light years ahead of the original ABS. The upgrades that have been developed on the 2.0 such as the increased ice capacity, cup staging, and enclosed turret assembly only begin to demonstrate the increased capabilities of the unit. In my opinion, the best upgrades on the 2.0 are non-visual, such as the relocated grabber arm assembly. By moving critical components above and behind the splash panel, Cornelius has drastically reduced service calls due to fluid ingress. Overall, we are very impressed not only with how the 2.0 has performed but with how few services calls we have had. This directly translates to less downtime and higher profitability for owners.

Jerry Abdelnour – J&J Service, Inc., Cohoes, NY

ABS 2.0 is a HUGE improvement over the original ABS with better reliability and more capacity for ice and cups. My crew and managers love the digital screens and overall ease of use, including the new cleaning feature. With our heightened focus on speed of service and OEPE, the improved reliability and additional capacity allow our drive-thru team to be ready before the cars arrive at the present window.  Cornelius has listened to what Owners have to say about the original and made substantial improvements that will position us well for the future.

David Bear – Bear Family Restaurants, Elgin, IL

Where Can You Purchase ABS 2.0?

Where Can You Finance ABS 2.0?


H&K International



Ken's Beverage

Ken’s Beverage

Balboa Capital

Balboa Capital